Q. Which Footsies are right for me?

All Footsies patches contain the same high quality wood and bamboo vinegar, all resulting in a healthier looking you, however differ as follows:

    Allergy Free - free from chitosan (shell fish) and capsicum/red pepper. Making these a great option for vegans or users with extreme allergies;

    Stimulate - contains red pepper for extra strength, great for those who have completed detox programs previously

    Tranquility - contains 50% tourmaline a gem stone making these great for users who have pre-existing conditions

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Q. How do I know if the Footsies detox program will be benefical for me?

Following the Footsies detox program (see below) can be beneficial if you:

  • often eat fast, fried or refined foods;
  • consume caffeine or sugar;
  • travel in peak hour traffic;
  • or
  • smoke or abuse alcohol

All of these can affect our well being

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Q. When will I see a difference?

We have many cases of users noticing a difference in their energy levels after following the program for one night however normally it will take the average person 3 to 4 days.

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Q. For how long should I following the Footsies program?

How long you following the program depends on your individual requirements.

We would recommend using 2 or 3 packets (a month) and then proceed to a maintenance program by following the program once or twice a week.

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Q. What research have been carried out on Footsies?

We carry out continuous research and have the results for the following:

  • GMP quality assurance is being followed;
  • Safety tests to ensure the Footsies contain only first grade and the highest quality ingredients available.

All of these results can be located on our research page.

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Q. When will I see results?

The results will be shown in the foot patches in the morning. Most users report feeling more alive after a couple of days.

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Q. Do I have to use Footsies only on my feet?

No. In fact Footsies can be used on other areas. Some of the others areas are the shoulder blades, lower back, back of the neck, knees, and ankles.

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Q. I wriggle a lot in my sleep - will Footsies fall off?

They can and it is a good idea idea to put on socks to prevent the patches from coming off.

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Q. I am allergic to shellfish and/or capsicum/pepper, can I use Footsies?

Footsies come in three varieties and we would recommend the Allergy Free version for vegans or people who have extreme allergies to shellfish and/or capsicum/pepper.

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Q. What is the Footsies Detox Program?

Place the patches on your feet before going to bed and remove in the morning. We recommend doing this in the bathroom so you can wash the bottom of your feet

Drink around 2 to 3 litres of filtered water each day. The water acts as the carrier to flush the toxins out

Remove toxins from your everyday environment and diet. Ensure the food and drink you consume is as natural as possible.

Use natural alternatives for household cleaners and other chemical products.

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Q. Are there other products similar to Footsies?

Yes, they are similar in the way that they all use wood vinegar as the main ingredient. Footsies are however certified as a therapeutic medical device (ARTG 151147) made by a Pharmaceutical Manufacturer with a GMP License using first grade and the highest quality ingredients available.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a set of regulations, codes and guidelines for the manufacture of drugs (known as medicinal products in Europe), medical devices, diagnostic products and food products. An extremely important part of GMP is documenting every aspect of the process, activities and the operations.

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