It was important to us and the well being of our customers that the patches we decided on were premium quality and formulated by a reputable manufacturer. We searched the world before deciding on the foot patches to import.

Following months of extensive searching and testing our decision was made and a Pharmaceutical manufacturer with Goods Manufacturing Practice Quality System was selected. This provided us with the confidence and assurance the patches, we provided to you, would be manufactured using a high standard, following the same formula each and every time, whilst using the highest quality ingredients.


We then partnered with state of the art research laboratories in the USA (FDA level) to continually research and test the patches yearly.

Negative Ions Produced

Negative ions are odorless, tasteless and invisible molecules that create positive and liberating vibes. You breath deeper, your oxygen flow increases, resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness and more energy. Wake up looking revitalised.

Our latest negative ions results are just in. For negative ion results to be accurate the testing needs to be completed by a respected laboratory with proper equipment. Below are the results of negative ions in normal every day environments:
150 ion/cms: room with windows
600 ion/cm3: near a river 1000 ion/cm3: near a large fountain
3000 ion/cm3: near a waterfall around half the size of Niagara
500 - 2000 ion/cm3: near a large Tourmaline stone

Footsies were tested by a specialised Ion US Information Laboratory. The official measurement of negative ions produced by Footsies foot patches for the highest peak is 3,850 unit/cm3 while static (sitting or sleeping) and 9,700 unit/cm3 when friction is involved (ie walking).

Negative Ions

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Safety Tests

We continue to test the patches yearly and this continuous research and yearly testing enable us to ensure we meticulously select only premium quality ingredients. Footsies have passed the following safety tests:

  • USB Microbial Limit Validation Tests
  • Micro limits tests - USP
  • Primary Skin Irritation (FHSA)
Safety Tests

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GMP (Goods Manufacturing Practice) Quality System Certification

Footsies have been formulated by a pharmaceutical laboratory with GMP (Goods Manufacturing Practice) Certification guaranteeing that every patch is created using a specific formula following the highest standard of manufacturing.

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Heavy Metals Released

Hair analysis is the process of assessing the body's mineral and toxicity levels over a period of several months.

Each hair root, anchored to the scalp, is nourished by a network of delicate blood vessels. These vessels deliver vitamins, minerals and trace elements to the outer layers of the hair shaft and any toxins or drugs present show up during hair analysis. Hair can accumulate more than thirty minerals, trace elements and toxins over a three month growth period.

Proponents of hair analysis claim that even the smallest amounts can be detected.

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Hair Analysis Test Hair Analysis Test Hair Analysis Test Hair Analysis Test Hair Analysis Test Hair Analysis Test